February 2018
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Use a QCD for your RMD from your IRA

A Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) can save you money in taxes while supporting your favorite charities. […]

How Much is a Billion Pennies?

If you figured out in your head in less than 10 seconds that a billion pennies equals 10 million dollars perhaps you qualify as a “Quant”. The quants are the super geniuses employed by Wall Street firms to come up with new algorithms, ways to make money, finding a decided edge, and, in fact, finding […]

Music Sometimes Trumps the Written Word

Rather than opine on economics, investments, or other things personal finance I thought I would let this blog entry speak for itself.


Seasons Greetings,



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Sexy, Edgy, and Hot: What a Combination

Before you get too excited, the reference is to the Tesla Model S.

It’s all of those things, and candidly, I would love to own one, even though “hot” in this case is both an apt metaphor and a reference to the fire-prone battery system.

Tesla will get its battery problems sorted out. It […]

Government Shutdown: Constitutional Crisis or Political Gamesmanship?

The Congress seems compelled to take this game of chicken right down to the wire. An 11th hour agreement, even if only resulting in a temporary delay, will allow many members of Congress to discreetly wipe the egg off their faces. Neither side can acquiesce now. After all, there’s still a whole day before disaster […]

The 7 harmful vices

In his new book, Behavioral Finance and Wealth Management, Michael M. Pompian highlights seven primary biases he thinks can be keeping investors from achieving their financial goals.

Pompian polled 178 individual investors about 20 key behavioral biases. The following ones had a greater than 50% affirmative response rate:

1) Loss Aversion Bias: The pain of […]

“Three reasons why you shouldn’t try to time the market”

#1: Modern Portfolio Theory holds that markets are efficient and investors are rational. Given long enough periods of study this theory holds up very well. In fact, scholars have won the Nobel Prize putting forth their work in this area.

Of course the shorter the timespan the more likely it is that markets are inefficient […]

Volatility can be bad for traders and good for investors

Stock market volatility sounds like a dirty word but it can be a friend to the individual investor. Let me explain.

If you are trader, market volatility can lead to your doom. Professional traders like to make big bets. A trader that bets the wrong way before the market takes a precipitous fall can suffer […]

The Power of Asset Allocation: A Four Step Process

I often hear the question, “Where do you think the market is going”? Unfortunately, my crystal ball is no more accurate than anyone else’s. I will say, lately, there seems to be more debate fodder to suggest that a downward move has a higher probability than an upward one. Still, there is a case for […]