February 2018
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Will somebody take Sandy Weill’s temperature?

Sandy Weill could be running a very high fever. How high does it take for a person to hallucinate…105, 106? Could that explain why in a recent CNBC interview Weill called for the break-up of the big banks? The so called, “too-big-to-fail” banks.

His call is not extraordinary in itself (many happen to agree with […]

Is Buy and Hold Investing Dead?

The time for buy and hold investing is dead! At least that’s what its critics say. My response…nonsense. The concept just needs a little clarity of definition and purpose.

Its critics would have you believe that buy and hold is synonymous with “buy and forget about it”. Any serious investor who subscribes to buy and […]

Too “Even Bigger to Fail”

The banks were “too big to fail” before the 2008 crash. Do you know those same banks are even bigger today?

According to data compiled by Capital IQ, JP Morgan had assets of $1.3 trillion before the crash, now it has $2.3 Trillion. BofA went from $1.4T to $2.2T, Citi from […]

“Who cares what S&P says, anyway”

The news about the Standard and Poor’s downgrade of the U.S. credit rating has circled the globe with damaging effects to the markets. The Asian market began its decline Sunday night that cascaded through Europe and continued right through the U.S. Monday trading day as the Dow closed down more than 600 points.

Most of […]

“The Best Investment Advice I Ever Got”

I posed the following question to a group of clients, friends and colleagues; “What’s the best investment advice you ever got”? This advice comes from people of different ages, life stages, and varying degrees of net worth.

After reviewing the responses it became clear that there were distinct categories to which most of the responses […]

A lesson from the Oracle of Omaha: Don’t get attached to your investments

In a regulatory filing on February 15th, Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway announced it had sold its entire stake in Bank of America.

The firm held five million (of its original 8.7 million) shares of B of A stock as recently as September, 2010. The result was a staggering loss of two thirds of the value […]