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Retirement Advice or Not: What’s Best for You?

Deloitte (the accounting and financial services firm) recently released the results of a study that asked people about their decision to engage professional help in retirement planning. With millions of Baby Boomers entering or nearing retirement, planning for it will be a hot topic for years to come.

The study found that about 66% of […]

The Power of Asset Allocation: A Four Step Process

I often hear the question, “Where do you think the market is going”? Unfortunately, my crystal ball is no more accurate than anyone else’s. I will say, lately, there seems to be more debate fodder to suggest that a downward move has a higher probability than an upward one. Still, there is a case for […]

Retirement asset rollovers; what you need to know.

The situation:

With a record number of employees leaving their jobs, some by choice, many by force, there are a myriad of questions they find themselves needing to answer.

After a few of the most fundamental ones such as:

Are my assets sufficient to pay the mortgage? What are my options for health insurance and […]