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Speaking on Money 08/26/2019

Ron Gambassi
August 26, 2019

Issue: According to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, RV sales in 2018 declined 4.1%. July 2019 sales are down a whopping 23% compared to July, 2018.  

Implication: Buyers are fretful about the future, tariffs are causing RV price increases.

Issue: Auto dealers are offering 0% financing deals like crazy. Those that are not offering 0% are touting generous cash back deals as high as 20% off list.

Implication: Lots are overflowing. This is the best time in years to score a deal on a new vehicle.

Issue: Trade talks might be back on with China. . . or they might not be.

Implication: Uncertainty will likely lead to a great deal of stock market volatility ahead.  

Issue: Average 30-yr fixed rate mortgage at 3.6% and 10,000 people in the U.S. turn 65 each day.

Implication: Millenials (age 22-37) could be buying baby boomer homes for many years.

Issue: U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is learning just how hard it is to strike a deal with the European Union. Both sides are playing a game of “chicken”

Implication:  No matter the outcome, the U.K. out of the EU could have severely negative economic implications at home and around the world.

Issue: Rory McIlroy took home a cool $15 million for winning the season-long competition for the Fedex Cup. Jeff Bezos ex-wife, Mackenzie got $38 Billion in the divorce settlement.

Implication: Tis’ better to divorce the world’s richest man than toil on the PGA Tour for a year.

Here’s to a profitable week!


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