Trust Asset Management

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Ensuring the Health and Well-Being of Loved Ones

A Trust is a legal entity that may hold an assortment of assets such as stocks, bonds, etc. Its objective is to provide an income stream to benefit a named beneficiary, sometimes for a long time after being set up.

We work closely with a named Trustee by providing fiduciary care of the assets in the Trust.

The need for the Trust may arise after an accident or disability of the beneficiary (Special/Supplemental Needs Trust), or to benefit children (Family Trust), or even for the benefit of an aging person’s medical needs (Care Management Trust). Many clients establish a Living Trust to avoid the often complicated and expensive process of probate.

Regardless of the type of Trust, our process for managing the investments inside the Trust is the same-  we blend investment knowledge with compassion and effective communication skills to ensure the purpose of the Trust is met.

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“Trust funds allow your money to help the people you love or the causes you believe in, long after you are gone.”

— Ron Gambassi

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