Risk Management

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Identify, Evaluate, and Mitigate

We believe part of our job is to identify, analyze and advise on ways to mitigate financial risk in your life. Investing brings inherent risk with it making risk management discussions crucial to understand the opportunities and trade-offs associated with various financial decisions.

When investing, risk management entails balancing risk vs return of your portfolio, but it does not end there. We are also evaluating the likelihood that the portfolio will provide an income stream for your life. Probability and statistical analysis is one of the best ways to manage portfolio risk and model potential outcomes.

Besides portfolio risks there are risks from unforeseen or catastrophic events, legal liability, or disability of a primary income earner, etc. We cannot predict most risks but can evaluate...

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“The four most expensive words in the English language are, ‘this time it’s different’.”

— Sir John Templeton

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