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Speaking on Money 10/01/2019

Ron Gambassi
October 1, 2019

Issue: As expected, the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates ¼% (25 bps).

Implication: It could stimulate the economy but signs of such are not materializing

Issue: U.S. Manufacturing survey has worse result in over a decade, 47.8%.

Implication: Under 50%, now 2 months in a row, indicates a slowing economy

Issue: Tariffs on European Union goods from aircrafts to agriculture go into effect 10/18.

Implication: Price rise for the good stuff: French wine, Scotch whiskey, and Italian Parmagiano

Issue: The stock market dropped 3% in the first few days of October.

Implication: The Trade War is having a negative effect on markets

Issue: An Impeachment inquiry is underway.

Implication:  Who knows, but it can’t be good for the country, or the stock market.

Issue: Unemployment rate at 3.5%. Lowest since 1969 (Miracle Mets won the World Series)

Implication: What’s vexing Economists is why wage levels have only risen 2.9% over a year.

Here’s to a profitable week!

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