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Speaking on Money 11/24/2019

Ron Gambassi
November 24, 2019

Issue: Lower for longer, interest rates that is

Implication:  Bond returns are expected to return 3.2 – 3.4% annually, in the coming years

Issue: U.S. Gross Domestic Product anticipated to be 1.75 – 2% for the foreseeable future

Implication: The U.S. will not be the world’s engine of growth in the years ahead

Issue: The world’s future economic growth will come from Asia (sans China) and Africa

Implication: Emerging Markets are likely to do well in the coming ten years

Issue: No substantial trade deal with China will happen before the 2020 election

Implication: Consumers will likely bear the brunt in the form of higher prices

Issue: Phase I trade deal may happen this year

Implication:  It will help farmers but maybe only get sales back to where they were before

Issue: Three Federal Reserve rate cuts in 2019 and possibly a fourth before year-end

Implication: Quite possibly falsely juicing the stock market but not driving economic growth

Here’s to a profitable week!

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