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Speaking on Money 12/05/2019

Ron Gambassi
December 5, 2019

Issue: Black Friday sales $7.4 billion and Cyber Monday sales $9.4 billion (largest 1 day ever)

Implication: Consumers are doing their part to stimulate the economy

Issue: The Saudi oil company, Aramco, IPO will be the largest in history at $1.7 Trillion

Implication: Why would the Saudi’s offer their crown jewel to the public? Hmmm

Issue: The President’s China trade deal comments this week: “late 2020” and “going very well”

Implication: The market swings 2% on the mixed messages, markets hate uncertainty

Issue: “Robot Intensity” is a new economic statistic for the number of robots per 1000 humans

Implication: In 2009 manufacturing robots were .813 per 1000 workers, now 1.974 per 1000

Issue: predicts a slowdown in the housing market in 2020 due to low supply

Implication: Expecting home sales to drop and the worst housing shortage in U.S. history

Issue: Q3 Gross Domestic Product (Economic Growth) was 2.1% vs. the estimate of 1.9%

Implication: Not great but a pleasant surprise. Most economists predict a 2% future economy

Here’s to a profitable week!

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