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The ER May Save Your Life

Ron Gambassi
April 27, 2020


We’ve heard from one hospital that people who should be going to the hospital are choosing to stay at home for fear of contracting the virus.

Some hospitals are sending staff home because there are not enough patients to be cared for. I can’t remember a time when this was the case.

We know elective surgeries have been cancelled which is reducing the number of in-patients. What’s incredible is, people with conditions that should send them to the ER are choosing not to go. As a result, people with chest pains, abdominal pain, etc. are dying at home by ignoring what is really a life threatening underlying medical condition.

This could be the case in your community as well.

Please for self, friends and family don’t ignore the signs of a potentially serious medical condition and, GO TO THE ER! Besides, I’m sure our great hospital workers would love nothing more than to be able to fix somebody and send them on their way.

Stay safe,

— Ron

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