Meet Linda

A Working, Single Mom of Two

Learn More About Linda's Goals and Investment Journey

Linda is a 50-year old mom and working professional. She is getting focused on her retirement and embraces learning about investing.

She divorced a few years ago and is dedicated to her children and career as a corporate manager. She has aging parents that require more of her support and assistance with health and financial matters.

Prior to her divorce she didn’t concern herself with family investments since it was an interest area of her ex-husband.

Now she is taking a sincere interest in the subject and controlling her own retirement destiny through contributions to her company 401k, a rollover IRA with funds from prior employment and divorce settlement and establishing 529 college savings plans for her two children.

Linda’s net worth is approximately $1.9 million, of which about $875,000 are investable assets

She found our firm through a friend who has been working with us for several years. What she appreciates about our firm is that we are good listeners, don’t pretend to have all the answers, and enjoy teaching her about different investment vehicles.

We offer advice on investments in her 401k plan and her children’s 529 plans for no additional fee. Overall, she feels relieved by having professional oversight of her investments.

"My priorities in life are for a comfortable retirement, focusing on my children's education needs and finally taking on a long-awaited home remodel."

Lifestyle Attributes

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50 Years Old
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A highly educated professional
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Divorced with two children
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Is optimistic about her future
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Values listening and collaboration
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Values listening and collaboration

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