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A Married, Working Couple

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Mike and Katie have been married for eleven years. They own a successful manufacturing company that they purchased from Mike’s dad. They have a busy lifestyle.

In addition to running the business, their life revolves around a daughter in college and two sons in high school. They are busy with family, sports and other school activities.

They own a primary residence and a vacation property out of state. They plan to run and own the business for another ten to fifteen years at which point the kids will be through with college and they will be debt free in retirement.

Their schedule is so jam packed with work and kid activities that they value having someone looking after their money.

They are engaged during our quarterly portfolio review meetings. They just don’t have the time to devote the necessary attention to their growing portfolio.

They really appreciate that our firm manages their company 401k plan in addition to Mike and Katie’s personal investments.

Their net worth (including the business) is $7.9 million with about $1.6 million in investable assets

We enjoy a collaborative relationship that includes investment ideas flowing in both directions. They appreciate the trust we’ve established, and know they can call any time (including on weekends) a question arises about their personal financial situation.

One of the first things we spotted was a need for a comprehensive estate plan. We referred them to an attorney that matched-up well with their personality.

"Our eventual retirement goal is maintaining an enjoyable lifestyle, traveling, having peace of mind and legacy giving."

Lifestyle Attributes

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In their late 40's
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Both are highly educated professionals
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Own a business together
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Married with three children — one in college and two in high school
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Actively engaged in work, school and sports activities
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Actively engaged in work, school and sports activities

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