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Steve and Jennifer are 70 and 68, respectively. Both retired, he was a corporate executive, and she was an attorney. They thoroughly enjoy travel and spending time with their children and grandchildren. Much of their time is spent volunteering for charitable causes.

They were high income earners who built their nest-egg from earnings from salary and investments over the years.

In addition to investment earnings their other source of income is from social security.

Our financial conversations are not limited to money management. We’ve discussed estate planning, legacy giving, taxation and other financial matters impacting their life and goals.

We’ve had joint meetings with them and their children to help get the next generation on a path to financial wellness and future security.

The couple found us through our work managing endowment fund assets. They wanted to have a professional perspective from an advisor they could sit and meet with on various topics.

Their net worth is approximately $4.1 million with investable assets of $2.2 million

Steve and Jennifer really appreciate our responsiveness to their questions and needs, as well as the way we help them construct their charitable giving strategy.

"We have goals of maintaining our enjoyable retirement lifestyle, travel, financial peace of mind and legacy giving."

Lifestyle Attributes

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In their late 60's and early 70's
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Both are highly educated professionals
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They are married with two children and four grandchildren
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Currently enjoying a fun-loving, active lifestyle
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Appreciate and rely on professional advice
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Appreciate and rely on professional advice

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