Services for Organizations

Services for Organizations

Learn About Trusts and Endowment Fund Management

Certain Trusts and Endowments share a common goal, to provide for the long term needs of an individual or the mission of a charitable organization.

There is usually a committee or family member(s) overseeing the fund. These are often highly educated working professionals that value the objective analysis and expertise of hiring a professional money manager.

The Boards of Trusts and Endowment funds have chosen our firm for our skill as investment advisors and our own experience as members of Boards with an understanding of how they operate, and how to communicate with them.

The investments we manage for these funds range from $1+ million to several million dollars, though they did not all start that large

We often hear from Fund committee members that are not financial professionals how effective we are at describing investment, market, and economic matters in easy-to-understand terms.

Trusts and Endowment Accounts Managed

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A charitable endowment, or Trust fund for family members from legal settlements
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Specific distribution and use guidelines identified
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A goal of providing funding for a beneficiary or helping fund the mission of a charity
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